Preventive Maintenance Programs and Scheduled Service

When you choose Commercial Plumbing and Heating, we are dedicated to working with you while keeping the long game in mind. Each customer will receive expert consultation and education regarding preventative maintenance programs, annual inspections and periodic scheduled service while simultaneously prioritizing your time, budget, and satisfaction.

Our Service Department is dedicated and diligent when it comes to ensuring your systems are running continuously and reliably.

You have too much invested in your systems to overlook routine maintenance and risk a mishap that could negatively impact your business. Regular maintenance can identify corrosion, abnormal wear, and improper operating parameters that can lead to premature equipment failure. Our maintenance programs save you money by keeping your systems operating longer and as efficiently as possible.

We are a team and we work together. Your service technician will keep you informed every step of the way.

Heating, Cooling and Refrigeration System Maintenance

Regular inspection and upkeep extends the life and increases efficiency of your heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Commercial Plumbing and Heating assists with maintaining your equipment to prevent future inconveniences as well as unnecessary and unwanted expenses. Keeping your heating and cooling system operating at peak performance greatly reduces the risk of costly repairs, downtime, and increases cost and energy savings.

Drain Cleaning

Many businesses depend on the free flow of water within their building, and clogged drains are one of the most common issues that arise in indoor plumbing systems. If not addressed promptly, drain problems can lead to permanent damage. Our maintenance programs will help identify issues before this happens in order to eliminate downtime and ensure smooth operations.

Backflow Inspection

Backflow occurs when contaminated water reverses its flow and enters clean water lines. When the direction of the water flow is reversed, human waste, and other contaminants may enter the clean water supply and pose a very serious health concern. Our technicians install, repair and certify backflow meters to safeguard your clean water line against these contaminants. We are diligent in ensuring that your business is in compliance with state and local regulations in order to avoid unsafe water conditions and costly fines.

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